Get involved! Together we learn, share, earn, communicate, grow, participate and simply create the future of SwissBorg Ecosystem.

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What we are doing


The “BUIDL” movement believes that instead of just accumulating or trading cryptocurrencies, people should start contributing proactively in order to help adoption and improve the ecosystem people invested.
At SwissBorg we embrace the BUIDL movement. BUIDLing can involve simply using a cryptocurrency for its intended purpose, utilising smart contracts, beta testing products, writing articles, playing blockchain games, using cryptocurrency wallets, and anything that could help the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields evolve and expand.
This Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a platform where SwissBorg community can share, learn, earn and communicate in order to grow together. The DAO is written in SwissBorg DNA since its creation and is living its first steps with this alpha version.

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450+ Members involved

We are human-centered because a DAO without a community is not a DAO. We decided to start with the people who create the organization first because we think that a DAO is based on the people who adhere to it.

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1200+ Missions accepted

Show you are an expert and develop new skills through the community. We want you to be involved in our mission and help us build a DAO ecosystem together.

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350’000+ CHSB distributed

We want to reward you meritocratic-ally. Thanks to your skills and talents, you can complete Missions, be rewarded in Tokens (CHSB) and raise your status with Expertise Points (XP) points.

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38+ Voting members

Gain responsibility by accomplishing missions and vote on the success of missions. Our future DAO will empower the community by providing it with the ability to participate in the future of SwissBorg and the valuation of the token.

How it works

Community, Transparency, Meritocracy

The Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) is the future, but you might ask what SwissBorg is has to do with that?

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What is SwissBorg DAO?

It’s about creating a fair community sharing platform where the community can get involved, contribute and be rewarded, that we hope will lead to a decentralized collaborative economy.

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What is the purpose?

The purpose of this DAO platform is to let the community members take part in the SwissBorg ecosystem. Helping the company to perform, grow and evolve with the help of missions, members’ feedback and active participation.

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Why joining?

If you share and are passionately committed to a vision built on meritocracy where anyone, from anywhere, and at any time can contribute and get rewarded for building the future of finance, then the SwissBorg DAO is for you!


Depending on your talents, skills, expertise and interests, we have developed Mission categories, or what we call, Guilds. You can be part of several guilds, you just have to complete at least one mission to be added in and have voting power. The guilds are divided in Digital Artist, Translation Genius, Digital Promoter, Moderator Star, Evangelist, Cyber Virtuoso, Blockchain Guru, DAO Guide & Guild Master


Campaigns are the main point of a DAO: being collaborative. Several individual missions with the same objectives create a Campaign. The big plus of a campaign is the common goal. If all missions have been made before the deadline the goal is achieved and a special campaign reward is unlocked. This reward is added to the individual reward and is distributed equally to the whole members of this campaign.


Every community members can contribute to the ecosystem by accepting and completing different missions based on their skills and involvements. When the missions are done, they will be submitted in the Discord poll where community members will vote for their peers’ missions. When the missions are accomplished, rewards in CHSB and XP points are distributed.


The forum takes place on Discord where you can communicate, share, debate with the entire community. It’s also the place where you can vote for the missions validation, interact with your Guild Master, ask for help from the community or from the SB team, share ideas, get some news (next steps, development, updates, maintenance), make some friends, give feedback, report bugs and build the DAO that you truly want.


What to expect?

The DAO is here to create a link between the community and SwissBorg, by creating and accomplishing missions in order to help building the DAO ecosystem.  You are here to learn and share knowledge and competencies. Be part of the team and make the collective dream of disruption a reality. 
Plus, the DAO is based on meritocracy, because every work deserves a reward and thanks to your skills and talents, you can complete Missions, take part in the DAO and be rewarded in Tokens (CHSB) and raise your status with Expertise Points (XP) points.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have queries, please visit the FAQ page

What are the rewards ?

Meritocracy is in the SwissBorg DNA so every contribution will be rewarded. Thanks to your amazing skills and talents, you can complete Missions, be rewarded in Token (CHSB) and raise your status with XP points (experience points).Depending on the level, the rewards grow from 1USD to 100USD per mission accomplished. The growth in XP Points is also exponential from 25XP to 1000XP.
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What are the members’ categories?

Depending on your talents, skills, expertise and interests, specific missions have been created to stick to everyone. They are separated in mission categories, or what we call, Guilds. You can be part of several guilds, you just have to complete at least one mission to be added in and have voting power. The guilds have been created for designers, translators, moderators, promoters, computer scientists, crypto enthusiasts and are constantly redefined to allow everyone to have their place on the DAO.
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What are the mission levels?

No need to be an expert in the field to take a mission, depending on skills and commitment 7 different levels of missions are developed. You can take small and funny missions which do not take you much time but where you can easily gain XP with Novice Mission. If you want to take a bigger part in the community, the Moderate level allows you to develop ideas or skills. Take your skills and knowledge to the next level with the Expert Mission by taking an interest in a subject in-depth and help others understand it too. Of course, Master Missions are here to allow you to show to the whole community your expertise in the field. Read more