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Community Members

The SwissBorg DAO is a community of innovators, creators and collaborators. Share your expertise, learn new skills, meet like-minded people from all over the world, and earn rewards!


CHSB Distributed

DAO members earn CHSBs as reward for successfully completing collaborative campaigns that help promote, sustain and strengthen the SwissBorg Community.

Be a creator, meet friends, earn income and learn new skills

Simply sign up in the DAO Platform to be part of the community

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Do a Quest

Embark on a fun and easy Quests that will give you DAO Coins (DCs). Earn enough DCs to join campaigns and govern the DAO as Guardian

Join a Campaign

Collaborate and accomplish creative projects together with other members

Take on Missions

Share your skills or mentor others with exciting missions within a campaign

Be a Member

Earn rewards and contribute to the larger SwissBorg Ecosystem by doing quests and missions

Level up to a Guardian

Participate by voting and influencing how the DAO develops

Get elected in DAO Council

Get chosen by the community as their representative in making high-level decisions for the development and growth of the DAO

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