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Join the SwissBorg DAO and help us grow the SwissBorg Ecosystem

Join us in building the future of finance.

Who are we?


DAO Members

We are a decentralised community of innovators, creators and collaborators working together to build the SwissBorg ecosystem.

Why join?


CHSBs Distributed

Members earn CHSBs as reward for completing collaborative campaigns that help sustain and strengthen the SwissBorg Community.

Start an initiative

Are you a creator or a builder with innovative ideas? Make your pitch to the community and receive funding to kickstart your campaign from the community treasury

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Play and win prizes

Join fun games and put your technical analysis skills to test. Stand a chance to win lucrative rewards with every entry.

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Do fun and easy quests

Share a tweet or watch a video about crypto. Learn, meet new friends and contribute at the same time with simple quests.

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Lead or join a campaign

Successful initiatives turn into collaborative campaigns. Get rewarded, share or learn new skills and accomplish great things with your fellow members.

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Meritocratic and inclusive

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Be a member

Earn rewards and help the larger SwissBorg Ecosystem by doing engaging quests and missions

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Level up to a Guardian

Collect enough DCs and gain guardian status. Vote, govern and influence how the DAO develops

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Get elected as Council

Make high-level decisions for the development and growth of the DAO community

BuiDL with the DAO Platform

BuiDL the future of finance with us today